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The Stingiest Automobile Insurance Companies

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When choosing auto insurance, we may be tempted to choose the option with the cheapest premiums without looking any further. 

What’s more important than premiums, however, is a company’s reputation for fairly valuing and paying out claims. If we get in a car wreck, we need to be able to trust that our insurance provider will fairly judge our claim.

Some automobile insurance companies have a reputation for being stingy with their claims. Here are a few examples. 

American Family

With a name like American Family, it’s easy to buy insurance without looking closely at the company’s record.

Although American Family sometimes offers cheap insurance rates, some customers report very poor customer service and penny-pinching tactics when it comes to assessing claims. 

Policyholders have also alleged that the insurer unjustly denied claims, raised premiums, and suddenly canceled policies without a good reason to do so. 

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the 6th largest auto insurance company in the U.S. It offers discounts and many types of coverage, but Consumer Reports labels Liberty Mutual 3rd on its list of the 10 lowest rated auto insurance companies

The insurer also has lower than average customer service and receives a lot of complaints from customers about unnecessary delays and claim denials. 

Farmers Insurance

Farmers is another popular auto insurance company with a 4% market share in the U.S. Unfortunately, it has been known to engage in bad faith claim denials.

Some customers also report that Farmers has poor customer service and a habit of raising premiums without explaining why.

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Final thoughts on auto insurance

Before buying any auto insurance policy, you should conduct careful research. Don’t let low premiums blind you to other stingy tactics the company may practice, such as unnecessary delays, claim denials, or undervaluing claims. 

If you think you’re the victim of bad faith insurance practices, seek legal counsel from an insurance law expert at Carrigan & Anderson. You may be able to seek damages in court and recoup the money you’ve lost. 
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