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  2. Our Corpus Christi Law Firm Represents Workers After On-the-Job Injuries
  3. Our Attorney Fights for Justice for Injured Workers in Corpus Christi
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Corpus Christi Work Injury Lawyer

Corpus Christi Work Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt at work in Corpus Christi, TX, you may have options for seeking compensation for your medical care, lost income, and more for your work-related injuries. Our workplace injury attorney helps injured workers pursue and recover money to make ends meet and get the care they need during this stressful and challenging time. 

Our Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer from Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, can assess your case to determine your options following an on-the-job injury or work-related illness. We provide free consultations for injured workers. Whatever your situation, we’re here for you.

Our Corpus Christi Work Injury Lawyer Can Identify Your Legal Options

Many injured workers are unsure about their legal options following an on-the-job accident. The best way to determine your next steps is to work with a law firm familiar with the applicable laws and these cases. Your options could include: 

  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • A lawsuit against your employer for damages
  • A lawsuit against a negligent third-party 
  • Workers’ comp and a third-party lawsuit for additional damages

Under Texas law, most private employers do not have to provide workers’ compensation insurance for employees. When an employer opts not to cover their workers, they are known as “non-subscribers.” As non-subscribers, an injured employee may be able to sue them and hold them responsible with a personal injury claim if their negligence is responsible. 

When a worker receives workers’ compensation, they cannot generally sue their employer. However, they could have a case against a negligent third party who is at fault for their injuries. 

Regardless of their workers’ compensation coverage, when an injured worker files an injury case against a liable party, they can recover a range of damages. This includes most expenses and losses a victim experiences because of an accident and injuries. Examples include: 

  • Medical care for injuries, current and future
  • Income losses
  • Diminished earning ability for lasting injuries
  • Miscellaneous expenses with receipts
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Wrongful death damages available under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 71

We have offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria; and will travel to any corner of Texas if we are capable of preventing an injustice.

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Our Corpus Christi Law Firm Represents Workers After On-the-Job Injuries

At Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, attorney Stephen P. Carrigan has been practicing law for more than 37 years. This includes handling many workplace injury cases. We go to work for clients with no upfront fees. Our attorney’s fees come from the money we recover, never from our clients’ pockets. 

When you trust our team of personal injury attorneys with your Corpus Christi workplace injury case, we will: 

  • Protect your rights
  • Explain your options
  • Help you seek the maximum compensation claim based on the case facts
  • Identify the liable party or parties
  • Develop a compelling case against the liable party when possible
  • Negotiate a settlement with an insurance carrier or liable party
  • Sue the liable party when necessary

Our lawyer is always available for our clients. Stephen responds to calls and texts seven days a week. Do not hesitate to call your attorney if you have questions or concerns about your case. We are here to help you navigate this process from start to finish.

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Our Attorney Fights for Justice for Injured Workers in Corpus Christi

Our work injury lawyer believes injured workers should receive compensation to support them while they undergo treatment, rehabilitate, and return to work if they are able. We help them seek fair compensation, whether through workers’ comp, a civil case, or both. We will not hesitate to hold non-subscriber employers accountable when their negligence hurts an employee, either. 

While plenty of servers slip and fall in restaurants and store clerks hurt their backs lifting boxes in the stockroom, these are not the most dangerous jobs in Corpus Christi. We handle cases involving moderate, severe, and catastrophic injuries in almost any sector, including: 

  • Construction accidents 
  • Factory and manufacturing accidents
  • Agricultural accidents
  • Oil field injuries

In these sectors, the risk of injury is increased because of the on-the-job hazards. Our attorney understands the most common ways negligence on the part of an employer, property owner, or third party can cause accidents and injuries, too. 

We identify the cause of workplace injuries. Our experienced attorney gathers evidence to show what happened, who is liable, and how much it cost our client. This is the evidence that supports an injury claim or lawsuit and allows our team to get justice for the client. We have helped many injured workers recover compensation. You could be next.

Representing the injured in all areas of Texas that extends back over 40 years

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Find Out More About Your Options From Our Corpus Christi Work Injury Attorney

If you are unsure about your legal options for compensation following a workplace injury, your best resource is an attorney who handles these cases regularly in your area. Contact our team and let our lawyer review your case. Do this as soon as your injuries allow. 

When you get hurt at work, you not only need someone to pay for your medical care, but you are missing your paycheck, too. Workers’ compensation will cover some of these costs if it is available. An injury lawsuit could allow you to recover these and additional damages, too. 

However, we need to get started collecting evidence to support the claim or lawsuit quickly. We must preserve as much key evidence as possible in the first days and weeks after an injury before it disappears. 

You also need to act quickly because victims generally only have two years to begin a civil suit per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. Missing this deadline could mean you cannot hold the liable party accountable and recover damages. Under some circumstances, you could have less time. 

You need a skilled advocate to protect your legal rights and present your claim in such a way as to maximize your recovery.

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Discuss Your Corpus Christi Work Injury With Our Team Today for Free

At Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, we provide free initial consultations for injured workers in Corpus Christi. Our personal injury lawyers will evaluate your options and explain how we can help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve based on the circumstances. Connect with Steve today to get started. 

Contact us online or via telephone now. 

At Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC we can talk to you about your options and rights.

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