If I get in a wreck in the United States, but I am not a US citizen, can I still sue?

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In 2018, it’s estimated that 11% of the residents of the state of Texas were non-citizens. Some non-U.S. citizens are long-term ‘guests’ and workers, but many are simply waiting for the formal process of immigration to be completed. Then consider those who may simply be visiting for the day for whatever reason. That’s a large number of people potentially driving on Texas roads who may not be citizens of the United States.

So, what happens to a non-citizen who is involved in an accident, which happens to nearly everyone upon occasion?

If they are simply tourists or short-term visitors, many people will rent a vehicle to drive. And most car rentals require some amount of insurance on those vehicles. That helps cover some of the losses which might be incurred if a non-citizen is in a wreck.

But what about additional expenses beyond repairing a car or truck? What about injuries a non-citizen might sustain through no fault of their own from an accident while driving in the U.S.? Can they sue for damages the way a U.S. citizen could?

Generally, yes.

Non-citizens have the same legal right to fair compensation for damages (to the vehicle, other property or a person’s health) as citizens. That’s why it is just as important for non-citizens to contact an attorney after an accident as it is for citizens.

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Unfortunately, many non-citizens are worried that they may not be able to get medical assistance or compensation for other losses from an accident even if it was not their fault. That’s not true, and it is important to follow some of the same general advice we might offer to citizens who are in a wreck.

If the emergency workers suggest you should be evaluated by a doctor at a hospital after an accident, it is always a good idea to do so. Some people think they should just wait and seek help later if they start to feel worse, but that makes it more difficult to prove the injury was caused by the accident.

Get the insurance information for the other driver.

Take photos, if you can, using a camera or cell phone.

Wait for the police to arrive to investigate the accident. Leaving, even if you think you are able at the time, makes any future claim for damages very unlikely.

If you have any passengers riding with you, they have the same rights to fair compensation for losses from an accident that you do – regardless of their citizenship status.

Contact a good attorney.

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