We usually think of fun and play when we think about Texas waterparks, but unfortunately, that’s not all that happens there. Sometimes accidental injuries occur, as well.

If those injuries are due to negligence on behalf of the waterpark or its employees, you may have a right to sue for fair compensation to recover damages due to the accident. This type of lawsuit is called a premises liability suit.

The Texas Department of Insurance has some statistics on injuries at amusement parks and water parks in Texas going back to 2018.

As far as Water Parks are concerned, the data shows the following reported injuries in the past few years:

Aquatica at Sea World

San Antonio

12 injuries reported

Typhoon Waterpark Katy


12 injuries reported

Schlitterbahn Galveston Waterpark


5 injuries reported

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown


4 injuries reported

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor


3 injuries reported

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

New Braunfels

2 injuries reported

Wet N Wild Water World Volcanic Gardens


2 injuries reported

Splashtown San Antonio

San Antonio

1 injury reported

Those reported injuries include causes such as bumps to the head while on rides, slipping and falling, being struck against an object, sudden unexpected movement.

They resulted in injuries to the head, neck, shoulder, foot, leg, teeth, chin and ankles.

Texas waterparks can lead to a wide variety of injuries for a wide variety of reasons.

Although it may not seem like an extremely large number of injuries over the course of a few years, if the injury is to you or your child, any such injury is a serious matter.

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