The most dangerous intersections in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas with Space Needle , Stadium and entire Downtown Skyline

We’re sure you do what you can to avoid getting in accidents when driving.

You follow traffic rules, pay attention to your surroundings, keep an extra eye out for pedestrians and cyclists, and, of course, you definitely don’t text and drive. You do those things, right?

But despite our best efforts, accidents do happen – to everyone. So, what else can we do to try to avoid accidents? We can avoid those places where traffic accidents take place most frequently. Or, at least, be especially careful when we need to drive through those locations.

Some places have more accidents simply because they have more traffic. In other spots, it is because of some limited visibility, or common poor road conditions in that area, or a general lack of attention by drivers on those streets.

San Antonio isn’t in the Top 25 most dangerous cities for drivers in the United States, at least as recently as October 2019, according to insurance companies. Dallas, Mesquite, Fort Worth and Houston all made that notorious list.

But what are the roads and intersections in San Antonio where the most traffic accidents happen?

Loop 1604 and Interstate 10

Loop 1604 and Braun Road

Loop 1604 and Bandera Road

Loop 410 and Ingram Road

Loop 410 and Rigsby Avenue

Loop 410 and Culebra Road

Loop 410 and San Pedro Avenue

Loop 410 and Marbach Road

Culebra Road and Potranco Road

Martin Street and Pecos La Trinidad

Culebra Road and Loop 1604

Culebra Road and Ingram Road

Interstate 10 and De Zavala Road

Interstate 10 and Huebner Road

Culebra Road and Callaghan Road

If you live or work in San Antonio, you may not be able to avoid these dangerous intersections entirely. But knowing where to be particularly careful may help.

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