Victoria Construction Truck Accident Lawyer
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  1. Our Truck Accident Lawyers Will Handle Every Step of Your Victoria Case
  2. Experience Helps Our Construction Truck Injury Attorneys Argue for Damages
  3. Our Truck Accident Team Use Their Experience to Navigate Texas Laws
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Victoria Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

Victoria Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

Construction truck accidents come in many forms—at worksites, on the road, while loading or unloading. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, our construction truck accident lawyers in Victoria, TX, can assist you in identifying who to hold accountable. 

When you hire a Victoria truck accident lawyers at Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, you get a team experienced in both insurance claims and civil litigation. Whether you need help hammering out the terms of an insurance settlement or need assistance even understanding what happened, you can rely on us. Learn more with a free consultation today.  

Our Truck Accident Lawyers Will Handle Every Step of Your Victoria Case

The Victoria attorneys at our firm who handle construction truck accidents are prepared for any route your case may take. We’re also prepared to take action to move your case forward. We take an active role, not a passive one, bringing parties to the table to negotiate, following up to ensure the process doesn’t stall, and keeping everyone to their word. 

The Investigation Step

There may be a lot more to your commercial truck accident than meets the eye. Even seemingly straightforward cases sometimes get complicated when it comes time to find who should pay. 

Our Victoria personal injury lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation into the events that caused your injuries to ensure the liable parties don’t wiggle out of responsibility. We’ll:

  • Obtain video evidence from traffic, security, or dash cams
  • Gather photos, video, or testimony from witnesses
  • Go over employment and company records
  • Access police reports of the accident, if there are any
  • Investigate if any defective or faulty equipment was involved
  • Consult experts to analyze, reconstruct, and testify about the crash
  • Speak with your doctors to understand how your injuries were caused
  • Compile documentation of your bills and losses

This evidence helps us identify the right parties to pursue—drivers, construction companies, trucking companies, property owners, or even other drivers. It will also provide us with vital information about what you deserve in compensation. 

The Insurance Claims Process

Once we know who is liable, our Victoria truck accident lawyers can file an insurance claim for you, if applicable. If you were a construction worker injured on the job, we can check on your workers’ compensation options. Our lawyers can help protect your rights through the workers’ comp process. 

We file your paperwork, submit evidence, check settlement offers to ensure they’re fair, and handle all the back-and-forth communication required to hammer out an agreement. If we can’t reach one, we’re unafraid of taking the next step. 

The Lawsuit Filing Decision

There are many reasons our personal injury lawyers might opt for a lawsuit, and we’ll walk you through the why in your case. It might be because:

  • The liable party didn’t carry insurance.
  • An insurance company unfairly denied your claim.
  • All parties can’t agree on who is liable.
  • Settlement terms were insufficient or unfair.

Attorney Stephen P. Carrigan is an experienced civil trial lawyer, and he, along with the rest of the team, can support you through the process. From drafting and filing court documents to developing a strategy for representing you, we do it all. We also work directly with you so that you’re comfortable in court. 

We have offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria; and will travel to any corner of Texas if we are capable of preventing an injustice.

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Experience Helps Our Construction Truck Injury Attorneys Argue for Damages

Our work with construction truck accident victims in Victoria, TX, has helped our attorneys develop an ability to recognize what aspects deserve compensation:

  • Medical expenses – Everything from that first ER visit to the very last check-up by a doctor or physical therapist should be covered.
  • Lost income – You could get damages for income lost from all sources, even side hustles. We’ll make sure to account for any income lost due to the trucking accident, even future income.
  • Reduced earning ability – If your injuries have affected your working capacity, your settlement can include compensation to cover the gap between what you used to make and what you’ll make now. 
  • Pain and suffering – Disfigurement and scarring, chronic pain, psychological trauma, emotional distress, reduced enjoyment of life—these are all compensable. 
  • Wrongful death – If you lost someone special to an accident, our Victoria wrongful death lawyers can go over your options to recover damages for their expenses and your losses. 

Accidents involving trucks too often lead to catastrophic injuries and high expenses. We fight for compensation for these big expenses, but we also don’t neglect the little costs that add up. Parking and transportation costs, over-the-counter medications, and out-of-pocket costs are often overlooked, but they won’t escape our notice when arguing for damages. 

Contact our firm if you aren’t sure what you deserve or whether a settlement offer is fair. It’s good to be wary of initial offers, as they are often low. Despite what some insurers or liable parties might say, you don’t have to respond right away. You can run any compensation options by us to verify. 

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Our Truck Accident Team Use Their Experience to Navigate Texas Laws

A lot of rules and laws can affect construction accidents. You probably aren’t even aware of some of them, much less know enough to understand how they could fit in your case. Don’t worry, we can use our knowledge of local laws and regulations to help build your case. That could include:

  • Trucking regulations
  • Construction safety standards
  • Traffic laws
  • Statutes of limitations

The violation of regulations and safety standards is grounds for legal action since it represents negligence. For instance, if the driver or owner of the construction truck that hit you violated Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations, we can cite that in our case. 

The truck driver might have violated traffic laws, such as by speeding, driving drunk, or making illegal turns. We can review any traffic citations on the police report and use them as part of our case.

Our construction truck accident lawyers in Victoria, TX will also keep you apprised of the filing deadlines for your case. Texas generally allows two years for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, according to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. However, we also check for any additional circumstances that could change how long you have to seek financial compensation.  

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Get Experience on Your Side with Our Construction Truck Accident Attorneys

Contact Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, and you’ll get a free case consultation right away. You won’t have to pay us anything upfront or even while we work on your case—we’re only paid when you are. You deserve representation that knows truck accidents and knows Texas. Our construction truck accident attorneys in Victoria, TX are ready to help you now.

At Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC we can talk to you about your options and rights.

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