Victoria Insurance Claims Lawyer
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Victoria Insurance Claims Lawyer

Victoria Insurance Claims Lawyer

In a perfect world, insurance companies would pay every claimant the compensation they deserve in short order. We don’t live in a perfect world, and claimants in Victoria often face unjust claim denials, lowball settlements, and other headaches that stand in the way of a fair financial recovery.

A Victoria personal injury lawyer from Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC will demand that the insurance company offers the settlement you deserve. If they don’t, we can take legal measures on your behalf. Call our firm today for your free consultation.

Types of Insurance Claims We Help with in Victoria

We pride ourselves on helping every claimant secure the compensation they deserve, regardless of the unique circumstances they face. Some of the common insurance claim types we lead include:

If you deserve compensation from an insurance company but are experiencing any challenges, let a Victoria insurance claims attorney from our firm assist you. We regularly secure fair settlements from insurance companies, and we want to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We have offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria; and will travel to any corner of Texas if we are capable of preventing an injustice.

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Why Choose Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC to Lead Your Claim

No two law firms are identical, and we take painstaking measures to rise above the competition. You may choose your attorney from Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC because:

  • We understand insurers’ tactics and motivations: Having dealt with many different insurers in a wide variety of circumstances, we have seen the many tactics they use to deny claimants fair compensation. We also understand the financial motivations insurance companies have. We will combat bad faith tactics and demand the fair outcome you deserve.
  • We fight unjust claim denials: The insurance company may give one or more reasons for denying your claim. We will address these explanations head-on, proving why the insurer is obligated to pay you fairly.
  • We have more than a half century’s worth of experience: Our firm has helped clients secure fair compensation for insurance claims for more than three decades. This degree of experience is not easy to find in our field. Our firm leverages the knowledge gained from our many decades of service to help our clients achieve positive case outcomes.
  • We exhaust all options to secure fair compensation for clients: When insurance companies do not handle claims in good faith, legal measures are sometimes necessary. The attorneys at Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC will use all available strategies as we pursue the compensation you deserve.
  • Attorney David M. Anderson fights for our clients: Attorney Anderson leads our insurance claims division. As a partner and one of our most senior attorneys, attorney David Anderson will ensure you receive the level of representation that you are worthy of.

Having a Victoria insurance claims lawyer from our firm handle your case may afford peace of mind. Our experience and resources may directly contribute to the financial recovery you deserve. Don’t wait to call Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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How Our Attorneys Help Claimants in Victoria

Our team approaches every insurance claim intending to secure all of the compensation our client deserves. This is the same winning mentality we will bring to your case, and we will pursue your financial recovery by:

Researching Insurance Policies

We must become well-versed in the insurance policy governing your claim, and we will. Your Victoria insurance claims attorney will:

  • Obtain a copy of every insurance policy related to your claim
  • Analyze every detail of the policies, noting language that related to your claim
  • Research coverage conditions, coverage limits, and other details specifically related to your financial recovery
  • Cite policy details as we seek fair compensation from insurance companies

Our attorneys are versed in the language of insurance. We will know what to look for in policies related to your claim, and we will use the policies as proof that you deserve the money we are seeking.

Calculating the Exact Cost of Your Losses

Whether you have suffered damage to your home or property, or face other circumstances warranting an insurance claim, we will calculate exactly how much compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys will:

  • Investigate the losses that entitle you to compensation
  • Document your losses using photographs, video footage, financial records, expert testimony, and any other proof of harm
  • Calculate the precise cost of current and future losses related to your claim

Every claimant has different damages, and every loss matters when pursuing an insurance claim. We will quickly identify your damages, calculate their value, and demand that insurers pay you fairly. We will never advise you to settle unless the insurance company offers fair compensation. Trust our detail-oriented team to value your claim accurately.

Handling All Communications

We will deal with insurance companies on your behalf. This will ensure you face no direct exposure and suffer no rights violations.

Combating Insurers’ Bad Faith Tactics

Our lawyers always assume that insurance companies will use bad faith practices. We will respond appropriately to:

  • The unjust denial of your claim
  • Denial of specific losses
  • Disputes regarding the cost of your losses
  • Delays
  • Hardball negotiation tactics
  • Any other bad faith strategies from insurers

We never shy away from challenging claims—we embrace them, rising to the occasion in service of our clients.

Negotiating a Settlement and Leading All Necessary Legal Action

We will demand that the insurance companies pay all of the compensation you are entitled to. Your attorney will present a detailed, evidence-backed case that includes a precise calculation of your losses. If your claim leads to legal action that goes to court, we are ready to fight on your behalf.

Insurers have substantial resources on their side, and you will have the full support of Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC.

Representing the injured in all areas of Texas that extends back over 40 years

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There are various deadlines involved with insurance claims, and we need to document your losses as soon as possible. We are always available to speak with you, so don’t wait to reach out.

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