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Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

If your family has suffered a wrongful death due to someone else’s negligence, please accept our deepest condolences. Our Texas team can identify the liable party and hold them responsible by seeking the financial compensation you deserve.

A Texas personal injury lawyer from Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, can handle your case from start to finish. We have over 50 years of experience managing such cases and dealing with at-fault parties and their insurers on our clients’ behalf.

How Wrongful Death Damages Work in Texas

According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, if your representative files a wrongful death case within two years of your loved one’s passing, you could recover monetary damages from the responsible party. These damages could cover all your losses related to the death, including the following:

  • Loss of society or companionship: It is difficult to measure the worth of the deceased’s presence in your life and the emotional pain caused by their passing. However, we can help you calculate a fair amount to seek for such a heavy loss.
  • End-of-life expenses: Most families must pay thousands to bury and memorialize a lost loved one. You might also have to spend money to settle disputes about their last will and testament.
  • Loss of financial support: If your loved one’s income made your current lifestyle possible, we can add up how much they would have likely earned in their lifetime. Then, we can ask the at-fault party to pay you that amount.
  • Your loved one’s losses and suffering: Unless the deceased completed a personal injury action before their death, you could collect the money they deserve based on factors like emotional trauma, physical suffering, and medical expenses.

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 17.004 states that the victim’s “spouse, children, and parents” could all benefit from a wrongful death action. However, while you can bring a case yourself, you have the right to hire a wrongful death lawyer in Texas. Doing so would make things much easier for you.

Legal Costs of Filing a Wrongful Death Suit

Even if you would like to file a wrongful death case, you may have concerns about the legal costs. Is it financially worth it to pursue your legal action?

Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, makes our services more affordable by assessing everyone’s case at no cost or obligation. Furthermore, we do not charge attorney’s fees unless we win compensation for our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about paying for our services, do not hesitate to ask. Part of our job is to help clients understand and feel comfortable with all aspects of the legal process, including our fee agreement.

We have offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria; and will travel to any corner of Texas if we are capable of preventing an injustice.

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Filing Your Wrongful Death Case in Texas

A wrongful death lawsuit may pass through many stages before the plaintiff (you) gets their money. Not every suit will go through every step, but you should be prepared to spend months—possibly years—pursuing your case.

A Texas wrongful death lawyer from Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, can guide you through the entire legal process. Your suit may include:

  • The investigatory phase: We typically want to collect all available evidence that could shed light on your case. Thus, we might interview witnesses, review medical records, request police or company records as applicable, and ask you to provide any bills or receipts connected with the wrongful death.
  • The communication phase: Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, protects clients by speaking with the other side on their behalf. We can send demand letters, field phone calls, and meet them in person and virtually.
  • The negotiation phase: We often start by seeking a pretrial settlement. This process involves sitting down with the insurer, showing them evidence that proves your case, and arguing as vigorously as necessary to secure a reasonable deal.
  • The trial phase: If we cannot get compensation during the negotiation phase, we could go to court. Our team can do all the talking for you, including during questioning and oral arguments.

We are here to support clients like you in every way we can. Our wrongful death attorney in Texas responds to text messages seven days a week, so you never have to wait long to get an answer to your most urgent questions.

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How Insurers Deal With Wrongful Death Cases

No matter how your loved one’s wrongful death accident occurred, you will likely have to deal with an insurance company before you get your money. These conversations will probably happen after:

Across the board, insurers seek to protect their profits rather than provide people like you compensation after an accident. Therefore, you might endanger your chance to recover compensation by confronting insurers on your own because:

  • They may take advantage of your inexperience and vulnerability by using unlawful tactics, such as purposefully dragging out your case until you give up.
  • They will do whatever they can to trick you into saying something that jeopardizes your case (e.g., a statement implying your loved one shares liability for the accident).
  • They may appear friendly and offer a quick settlement when, in reality, their offer represents only a fraction of your losses.

Our wrongful death attorneys have dealt with insurance companies for decades. Thus, we can use our experience to protect you from their illegal pressure tactics and make them pay what your family deserves after a loved one’s untimely passing.

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Let Our Lawyers Help Your Family After a Wrongful Death

Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC, does not want you to face the legal system alone. Instead, a wrongful death lawyer in Texas can fight hard for everything you deserve while you focus on caring for your family. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

At Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC we can talk to you about your options and rights.

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